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Buildi​ng a Team

At VPP Solutions we believe that Slovakia is a great place to build and run teams when expertise, collaboration and engagement are required.

In this section we will share short videos on our personal experience with building teams in Slovakia in various fields of expertise.


What started as an interdisciplinary branch of computer science and engineering has found its way to business operations!

Historically, companies implemented process improvement mechanisms after having built teams. Latest trends optimize business processes as part of the built.

No matter how and when, building a team with process automation & robotics know-how ensures operational excellence in the long run resulting in continuous quality improvement and cost reduction simultaneously. 



Certified Scrum Masters are among the most demanded roles in the IT industry.

Scrum Masters are servant leaders, coaches, change agents ensuring consistent for companies during transformation.

Building a team of Scrum Masters enables organizations to be agile when it comes to resource allocation according to corporate priorities.



At Fintech organizations, everything must happen at the speed of light and that is also when the costliest operational mistakes are happening. (Regulatory Non-Compliance, Data Breaches or Cyber Attacks)

Fintech companies need to focus on process and risk management at an early stage of operations. More important than a dedicated ‘Risk Manager’ is a ‘dedicated Operations Team’.



How to build-up an in-house Executive Assistant Team providing Managers with qualified assistant support?
Did you know that managers spend 3-4 hours of administrative services a day (research by Accenture and Harvard Business School)? That is a surprisingly high number given today's technology.

This time is than missing for employees, clients and products.

A professional and engaged team of assistants in a shared approach can provide a wide range of support with deputization guaranteed.  This enables Managers to perform at their best.


TESTING TEAM managing the Financial Risk Reporting

Compliance risks such as anti-money laundering or other corporate standards such as ESG monitoring require a high-quality approach. 

An engaged team collaborating closely with stakeholders can enable innovation through data management and technology solutions. 


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